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The whole toolkit for anyone to get started with crypto-collectibles

Authentic. Rare. Transparent.

Things you find on Tribe are different. All products and artworks on the platform are one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition. They can never be copied or forged. And because Tribe is powered by Smart Contracts, provenance and payments are secure and transparent.

Unlocking the power of tribes in the digital age.

Tribe provides the tools for anyone to create a wide variety of valuable limited-edition collectibles like artworks, tickets, gift certificates, and more. You can add unlockable files or functionality, that only owners can access.

Building the foundation for innovative business models.

Most artists, creators and small businesses don’t scale to a billion users. We want to help them achieve sustainable incomes and enable new ways to make projects happen. Transparent splits are just the beginning. Signup for Tribe Early Access to test features like SmartCollaboration and optionally influence development by valuable feedback.

Collect and sell with open standards.

We don’t want to lock you in. Built on open standards like ERC-721, items created on Tribe are compatible with hundreds of dapps and marketplaces. And because we connect to web3-compatible wallets you truly own your rare posessions.

Frequently Asked

How does it work?

Get started for free.

Start collecting by signing up and connecting a web3 compatible wallet. Or create a free wallet in two minutes.

What are crypto-collectibles?

Crypto-collectibles are a type of Smart Contract or token, that guarantee authenticity. They cannot be copied, forged, or manipulated in any way. They live on the Ethereum blockchain and securely save their provenance: anyone can check who created a token, and all details about any time it changed ownership.

What’s the pricing? How do you make money?

You can get started for free. To get more storage, premium support, early access to new features and more check out our Pro Plan. We take a 10% commission on initial sales and currently no fees on secondary sales.

Request for Artists & Creators

Are you a creator?

We want to work with you.

We are actively looking for Artists & Creators. For a limited time we are offering free access to our Pro Plan including premium support to help you get set up on Tribe. Additionally we are covering all fees (including gas fees) for new Creator Accounts. Applications opening soon!

You are not familiar with crypto-collectibles?

We worked hard to make Tribe as versatile and easy-to-use as possible to bring value not only to crypto-enthusiasts, but all artists, creators, performers, educators, independent businesses and others who want to distribute and monetize their content and offerings in a new way.

What about copyright? How much will I earn?

Copyright remains by the creator. Tribe takes a 10% comission on initial sales.

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Tribe got started in late 2017. Based in Vienna, we’re a small international team working remotely. Tribe is recipient of aws impulse xs and graduate of Aeternity Starfleet, Inits Incubator and YC Startup School (Advisor Track). Tribe is funded by Inits and aws.

We ❤ and contribute to open-source software and are a member of the Open Music Initiative. We love arts and creativity and partner with young, innovative startups in these spaces.